MG5000 / MG5050 32-Zone Wireless Transceiver Control Panel

MG5000 / MG5050

MAGELLAN 32-Zone Wireless Transceiver Control Panel

iParadox App 


Common Features

•StayD Mode

•Built-in transceiver (433MHz or 868MHz)

•32 zones (any of which can be wireless)

•32 users and 32 remote controls (one per user)

•2 partitions

•4-wire communication bus (connect up to 15 keypads)

•Supports REM3 hand-held remote keypad

•Supports up to 8 K32RF / K37 wireless keypads

•Supports up to 2 RPT1 wireless repeaters

•Supports PCS Series

•Supports IP100 Internet Module

•Supports VDMP3 Plug-in voice dialer

•Supports 16 PGMs (any of which can be wireless)

•Supports iParadox app

•In-field firmware upgrade via 307USB and WinLoad

•Menu-driven programming for the Installer, Master and Maintenance codes

•Multiple telephone numbers for event reporting: 3 monitoring, 5 for Personal Dialing and 1 for pager

•Patented 2 opto coupler dialer circuit – the most reliable dialer in the industry (US Patents 5751803, RE39406)

•Calendar with Daylight savings Time

•New Sleep arming method

•Push button power reset

•RF Jamming Supervision

•9.6k baud communication with WinLoad

•256 events buffered

•Supports Memory Key (PMC5)

•Fits in a 20cm x 25.5cm x 7.6cm (8in x 10in x 3in) metal box or in a 28cm x 28cm x 7.6cm (11in x 11in x 3in) metal box

Feature                          MG5000                    MG5050

On-board Zones        2 (4w/ATZ)               5 (10w/ATZ)

On-board PGMs          2                                 4

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