Industry Solutions

Brisbane Access and Security Systems Pty Ltd design, supply and integrate range of security solutions to tailored specifically to your business and security requirements. Security solutions cover the following industries:

  • Mining and Resources
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Institutions
  • Commercial
  • Transportation and Logistics

These solutions help organisations to:

  • manage risks.
  • protect people and assets.
  • optimise processes and reduce costs.
  • improve emergency and incident management processes.
  • enhance workforce management.
  • monitor assets, staff, visitors and vehicles on your site at all times.

Solutions can also be combined with other OSH policy/requirements like :

  • Setting up predetermined access control site safety measures in compliance with OSH policy/requirements for random drug and alcohol testing or workforce management processes. Setup could include visual indicators to convey messages to the cardholder to follow. A set of messages could indicate proceed to work, report to supervisor (training expired etc) or attend random drug and alcohol testing.

Mine Saftey Systems

A typical mine site safety system integrated with Projection’s safety management software, Scenario.

Industry Leading Products