Support Level Agreements (SLA’s)

As a customer of BAS Systems it is likely that you have entered in to a support level agreement for the hardware and software that we have installed and commissioned for your work site or office.  Our agreements are tailored to the needs of our customers as no installation is the same.  We ensure that it fits with your business model and is appropriate to the way your business runs day to day (or night to night!).

BAS Systems Support - Swipe Entry Systems

If you trust BAS Systems then we will not leave you out in the rain.  We provide comprehensive training on the systems we install.  We have established procedures to get your systems back online and running correctly if a problem does occur.

If a support  issue is computer related then with your permission we can log in to your computer terminal using “Team Viewer” software and diagnose and fix the issue while you sit back drinking a coffee.

(Click the above link to download  the “Team Viewer” software if directed by BAS Systems support team.)

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