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The Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) is the largest security industry Association representing the security industry in Australia.  ASIAL plays a key role in driving Australian Standards, developing codes of conduct and raising the level of professionalism within the industry.   BAS Systems are members of this association which means you have peace of mind that our work is monitored by our industry’s professional body.

We members of the ACRS –  The ACRS is affiliated with the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), which represents electrical and communications contractors, being the majority of employers of cablers in the electrotechnology sector.  This means cablers registered with ACRS benefit from the industry specific information and you can be sure our work at BAS Systems is accredited with the required standards.

The Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia Incorporated (EWPAA) is a vital part of the Elevating Work Platform industry in Australia.  It is involved in the co-ordination or support services for operators in this field. EWPA manages specific operator training programs, uniform standards of safety, service and ethics of conduct for the industry.  This ensures that BAS Systems staff operate correct and safe procedures when working on elevated platforms.

Why do you require a security providers license to advise/supply/install on automated security products?

It’s for your peace of mind


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