CyberData IP Intercoms


CyberData SIP-Enabled Intercoms allow for easy deployment of communications for call points throughout your site or organistaion. Powered over Ethernet two-way communication CyberData IP Intercoms are offered in a variety of options: one button, keypad, indoor and outdoor. These intercoms can also be used for secure access control as well be part of your mass communication solution.

At the point of call CyberData intercoms can call another specified SIP-enabled device. With an on board relay being triggered by the user pressing a user defined number sequence on the SIP-enabled device the automation possibilities are gates, boom gates, turnstiles, garage doors, doors, turn on lights or simply talk to identify the person calling.

When used in conjunction with 3CX Phone System CyberData intercoms can become more than just intercoms. Calls can be answered locally, forwarded to different extensions or routed to a completely different site over the organisations communications infrastructure if the site is unmanned and of course easily allow the automation from any of those endpoints.

BAS Systems carries installs and deploys the following CyberData intercoms:

1. V3 SIP-enabled IP Outdoor Intercom – A Powered over Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) and VoIP two-way communication device

 V3 SIP-Enabled IP Outdoor Intercom with Shroud Shroud Sold Separately)


2. V3 SIP-enabled IP Outdoor Intercom with KEYPAD- A Powered over Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) and VoIP two-way communication device

keypadintercomv3noshroud V3 IP Outdoor Keypad Intercom with Shroud


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