iParadox – Alarm System Control

Common features for Lite and Full version

  • Compatible with EVOHD, EVO192 (V2.20 or higher), and all MGSP control panels (requires IP150 or IP100 V5.10 or higher) iOS7 compatible
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad 3G
  • View system status (zones and partitions)
  • Displays alarm memory
  • Displays system troubles
  • Functions via Wi-Fi or 3G
  • Connects with static or dynamic IP (ParadoxMyHome)


iParadox – Alarm System Control

For iOS™


Features for Full version only

  • Multi-site support (up to 32): one connection at a time
  • Arm / disarm system remotely
  • One-touch arm / disarm for all areas – EVO only
  • Bypass Zones
  • Displays module label when module trouble occurs
  • Displays type of alarms (silent, audible, etc.)
  • Control up to 16 PGM with MG/SP series, 5 for EVO series
  • Supports utility keys for PGM activation
  • Customizable PGM labels
  • Supports multiple languages (24)


For Android™  

Same features as full iOS version above, plus:

  • Vibrate and/or sound upon an alarm
  • Faster connection to site(s)
  • Can run in background; allowing users to perform other tasks
  • Zone view types for system/zone status and bypassed zones are remembered
  • Use a language in iParadox even if the device does not support it
  • Faster/easier navigation between screens; user can tap on screen to go forward/backward instead of using button or keys
  • More web-like interface with less dialog pop-ups

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