Projection provides information processing solutions to project based industries in all areas of Construction and Engineering, Power, Utilities, Oil & Gas and Mining.

Our solutions include:

  1. Project Cost Control & Contract Administration
  2. Enterprise, Joint Ventures, Projects
  3. Financials, Procurement, Subcontracts
  4. Business Process Improvement
  5. Asset Management
  6. Implementation, Training, Support
  7. Training, Safety, Environment
  8. Software Development
  9. Timesheets + Billing
  10. Enterprise Microsoft Windows Applications
  11. Document Management & Collaboration
  12. Pocket PC & Palm Applications
  13. Materials Management
  14. Built on Oracle, SQLBase, MS SQL Server

Scenario Advantage provides extensive functions to manage projects from the simplest, to the most sophisticated and largest construction and engineering projects. Scenario Advantage is a valued and extensive tool to meet the demands on today’s project managers, corporate management and accountants.

Projection delivers leading edge solutions that utilise the latest Microsoft Windows technologies, and we have a world focus in our software development and professional services. Multi-language and accommodates large currency fields.

Industry Leading Products