i-Key 4 – 4 Button Pendant

i-Key pendants provide a safe and simple way to control access to any facility. When a button on the pendant is pressed the unique pendant number and site code are sent securely via Radio Frequency to the receiver to be decoded. Once decoded the code is transferred to an access system via the industry standard wiegand protocol.

Long Range Vehicle Access Wiegand Pendant


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Key Features
Just one product and with the touch of a button, the i-Key 4 is the smart and simple way to control access to your secure areas such as boom gates, rising barriers, roller shutters and doors. Cutting edge technology allows the i-Key 4 to enter multiple facilities with just one key. Use the i-Key 4 and your secure access couldn’t be simpler.

Frequency 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz or 915MHz
Buttons 4 (1 for each channel)
Status Red LED on button press
Battery 3 Volt – CR3032
Prox Compatible HID®, Indala®, Farpointe Data® / Keri Systems®and EM.
Smartcard Compatible iCLASS®, Mifare® and Tecom® / GE®
Casing ABS
Colour Black
Weight 20g (0.7oz)
Dimensions (mm) 56mm x 35.6mm x 16.4mm (2.2″ x 1.4″ x 0.65″)

Enhanced Flexibility

Combine the convenience of long range access control with the simplicity of close range proximity readers with i-Key 4 pendants. i-Key 4 supports technologies such as HID®, Indala®, EM, Farpointe Data® / Keri Systems® proximity along with iCLASS®, Mifare® and Tecom® / GE®smartcard technologies to work just like a prox/smart card.

Combine long range access control with close range proximity reader access with i-Key 4.
Compatible with the following brands:


i-Key TX/H


i-Key TX/IN


i-Key TX/EM


i-Key TX/M


i-Key TX/I-C

Tecom smartcards

i-Key TX/TC

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